2016: Starting Over

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HELLO 2016! It’s a new year and time for a new “YOU”.  A new year always feels like a good time to take stock and inventory over our current life. Whether it’s cleaning out the closets (physically and metaphorically) or our pantry we are all searching for ways to declutter. One way I seriously hope to declutter in 2016 is with my relationships.

At age 29 I count myself incredibly blessed and lucky to count more than a few handful of people I call friends. Some of these friends have been with me through it all. The gawky awful years of growing up (braces, glasses, and first crushes), college (where we were all thankful we survived), and those first, second, and third big girl jobs.

I’m sure you have those true blues too. These friends are our sanity, our laughter, and even our hearts.

They have stood in rooms with us and cried, laughed with us as we celebrated the best days of our life and even helped us marry our new “best friend”. It can take us all time to realize it, but these friends are true gems. Rare and hard to come by.

It took me to almost 30 but I finally realized it too. I realized who those friends are and who they are NOT. As I closed 2015 I realized there will always be more people out there who are committed to misunderstanding you than they are at accepting you. There will be people in your life who would secretly or publicly wish for you to FAIL. They would even take you at your worst moments and judge you (what awful wenches).

You know what I say? Let them.

Let them be insecure, jealous, and petty. Let them call you “crazy and say you make it all about you”. Let them say what they want about you because in the end there is only one thing you need to remember.

Remember who your true blue friends are. The friends who would never sell you out, or talk about you behind your back. The friends that wish you success and always give you the benefit of the doubt. The friends who remind you of who you are even when you have lost yourself.

Call THOSE FRIENDS! Write them, text them, go get on a plane and visit them. Invest in them instead of spending any more time trying to make the haters love you. Love yourself enough to give less effs and less time to those who would squander you.

In 2016 I plan to give a lot less to those who don’t deserve it, forgive those who shall not be named, and love more on those who inspire me to be the best version of myself as possible.

I hope you do the same <3,


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